BLACK SWAN – PC Custom Build


Technology is always changing, traders need to keep up with the times.

Our special BLACK SWAN Design is the perfect trading terminal.

With the trader in mind, we have assembled the latest and fastest technology machine.


  • Meticulously Compliled
  • Assembled and Tested in the United States
  • Designed and tested by wall street based engineers and traders
  • Currenyly used by Hedge Funds and Prop Desks

Some Specifications for the build:

  • Fast Intel Based multi-core processors
  • Primary drive (SSD m.2) delivers 210 times faster performance than traditional hard drives
  • Ultra fast and up todate memory (RAM)
  • Up to 12 Monitor Setup (Monitors Not Included. Each configuration will differ depending on customer design)
  • VR ready (installation of VR video card required)
  • Super Quiet and Sound Insulated Case
  • Cool performance with latest generation power supply
  • Personalized delivery and setup available in the Tri-State Area (NY, NJ, CT)