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Custom Built Desktop PC

We build from the ground up. No matter the complexity. Anything is possible. From Data miners, to Traders, To Gamers, to Medical Offices.

Web Design

From Start to Finish. E-commerce or just a Splash page. Integrate with Paypal, Stripe, or any other Merchant Service or gateway.

Tech Support

In our office or in yours, No Need to Send your equipment to A remote Location. We fix anything from Laptops to Desktops.

Mobil App Design

We make it simple. iOS and Android, no problem.

We speak Alexa

Well, its actually coded in JSON language but we thought it would be a nice play on words. Click on the Amazon Icon to learn more.

Network Set-Up

WIFI and LAN Networks, Modems, Routers, Printers, Scanners, and Much More

We Are Tech Compass

Custom PC Builds, Websites, Mobil Apps

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