The Portfolio Manager


As the old adage goes  “When in Rome, Do As The Romans”.

In trading and active investing “Do As the Portfolio Managers Do”

We created this machine to encompass all that is good and right with the trading world.
There are a huge amount of features that come standard with this setup:

  • Hyper Fast Processor
  • Superb drive functionality that provides seamless interaction among software
  • Plenty of memory to provide quick and responsive PC functionality
  • Ultra modern video cards for multiple displays
  • Whisper Quick case and fans combination to accommodate any environment
  • Excellent Tech Support for whatever comes your way

Some Specifications for the build:

  • X series based Motherboard ( We typically Use ASRock, MSI, Gigbyte for Motherboard manufactures)
  • 6-8 Core Processors
  • Available Up To 128GB of RAM
  • Up to 12 Monitor Setup (Each configuration will differ depending on customer design)
  • At Least 1000 KW Power Plant to accommodate future of PC
  • Fast SSD or SSD m.2 design drives
  • Up to 6 separate drive capacity
  • At Least Gigabit LAN Speed (we don't recommend WIFI for trading unless in a laptop)
  • USB 3.0 with minimum 4-6 ports for expandability