Tech in 2018…and beyond

Lots can be said of the past 5 years in the advancement of technology. Comparing how we function today versus 1998 is nothing less than astonishing.

We wanted to bring up a few tech trends that we believe will continue to impact the way society and businesses function in the 2018.

Connectivity continues to evolve in business locations, the home, and the automobile.

One of the applicable advancements we have been noticing is the incorporation of Internet of Things (IoT) into normal daily routines within many aspects of daily lives.

A simple example is to involve the Amazon Alexa or Google Home into your morning routine and creating simple text based instruction to manage regular reminders and information from the internet. The fact that we are beginning to rely on voice-activated internet connected devices for actions we only recently used a web browser to accomplish is certainly an interesting step toward allowing aspects of technology into our personal lives.

Watching children and young adults interact with Amazon Alexa or Google Home is wonderfully educational and a lively experience for those of us who grew up on the Dewey Decimal system.  We are expecting more complex and fun Amazon Alexa Skills and Google Home Actions that can incorporate larger tasks and more interactive experiences from both home and business users.

The most intriguing aspect of the said devices is how business functionality can readily improve and interlace with today’s mobile and desktop environment. We would like to see the IoT environment improve as more standard home and business utilitarian equipment can incorporate internet connectivity and eventually third party integration.

The mobile and tablet environment becomes ubiquitous and more is doable on the smaller devices

We don’t foresee the mobile phone disappearing anytime soon. These wonderful devices will continue to amaze the general public in their capabilities.  Those of us who remember the PALM OS, the current android and iOS based devices prove that Moore’s law exists.

We do see the phone and table environment will continue to provide better hardware environments to accommodate the growing expectations of app designers. The already incorporated cameras, GPS, charging and battery capacity will continue to evolve in capacity and speed.

The proliferation of the Apple Watch and other wrist based devices is debated on by technologists and how iphone and android users can incorporate these devices in the coming years.

Blockchain will continue to be discussed in greater detail by all aspects of business, not just finance and capital markets.

The implication of this technology is legitimately and exceedingly far reaching and is still quite misunderstood by the majority of the greater public.  In its basic form, Blockchain is a decentralized ledger system.  The most famous examples of Blockchain is Bitcoin.

Perceptively Blockchain can be used for any industry and any company. Every company can incorporate some level of Blockchain into their business structure.  From Medical records, to law documents, to clearing of transactions in the financial industry, Blockchain can be a part of the overall infrastructure.

Do we anticipate that every business will be using Blockchain by the end of 2018? NO!!! We do expect, however, awareness of this technology to continue to be noticed by mainstream media both domestically and globally.

Reliance of Small Businesses on technology to evolve using available tools

Those of us who at some point in our early lives called local businesses using the Yellow Pages to look into availability of a car part or inquiring about the price of a pizza pie, can certainly appreciate the advancement of web based technology. Small business will continue to reinvent themselves in 2018 by the use of simple and available technologies to market to the masses using web sites and social media.

Robots, Automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Automation has been continuing since last century. Consumers are witnessing a continued reliance on better intelligence to perform basic and more mundane tasks.  Perhaps philosophically, the more technology we are bringing in to the home the more we expect these new devices to be Internet enabled and be able to receive instruction from both human and digital sources.

Will we be overrun by Robots and out-of-control Artificial Intelligence? Not yet.

The true measure of any technology is how its used and utilized across industry lines and incorporated in daily use. Remember, the internet in-and- of-itself, is a revolutionary technology that began to see logarithmic growth with the advent of mobile phones, internet enabled devices and the evolution of content delivered only through the internet.

We will watch how the auto manufacturing industry adjusts its rationale with respect to AI in relation to domestic and international demand and government infrastructure changes.

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