On Our Minds….

Usually when you hire a company for personal or business reasons you actually want to get inside their head for a bit.  Meaning, its important to understand the mannerisms, the approach, the level of honesty and the level of genuine interest in there our business.

So let us just say, the we actually are crazy about technology.  You might have already made  an assumption about that, but we felt we needed to come out and say that.

We believe in technology and that new and exiting tech is always around the corner just waiting to be discovered.  That probably sounds a bit naive but we think that modern technology does make things easier for us.

At some point recently, a group of technicians sat around at dinner and tried to understand how everything on this planet (we won't discuss life outside of earth for the moment) is now revolving around these small beautiful devices in our pockets, on our desks, and in our cars.  It wasn't over night, although it seems like that.

If we take a look back on what was available say 20 years ago, it feels like we are functioning faster.  That is because we are.  We expect technology to work and work quickly.  We expect to receive the results from a search quarry to come back to us in seconds versus minutes or hours.  That is a good thing.  Companies and individuals are publishing to the web in record time and the publications are able to be detected by search bots and algorithms.


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